Sonny West, Part 1

Rave On! The Ultimate Sonny West Interview – Part 1 by Colin Davies Quite simply, Sonny West wrote two of the greatest songs in rock n roll history – ‘Oh Boy! ‘ (incidentally, the first record I ever bought, on a 78rpm) and ‘Rave On’. He also became a big cult hero during the


Sonny West, Part 2

Rave On! The Ultimate Sonny West Interview – Part 2 by Colin Davies (Continued from Part 1) Next up, you wrote ‘Oh Boy!’… Yes, I had figured out that my first record was not going to go, My songs needed to be a little more sophisticated; they needed to have


Wanda Jackson

Yakking with Wanda: Colin Davies Chats with Wanda Jackson You’re on the short list of nine nominees to be inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. As you probably know, a lot of rock n roll fans have mixed feelings about it, because some of the people who’ve been inducted in


Cosimo Matassa

The Sound of New Orleans: Colin Davies talks to legendary Crescent City recording engineer Cosimo Matassa Cosimo Matassa is considered by many as one of the true — if unsung — heroes of early rock ‘n’ roll. We can argue where it was in the South that rock ‘n’ roll was created, molded and developed,


Glenn Honeycutt

All Night Rock: Glenn Honeycutt interviewed by Colin Davies One of the many highlights of the April 2005 Green Bay Rockin’ 50s Fest was the performance by Glenn Honeycutt, ably supported by Germany’s Randy Rich & The Poor Boys. Glenn doesn’t move around much on stage — in fact he sat on a stool throughout his


Bobby Peeples

Interview with Bobby Peeples by Colin Davies July 12, 2005 (This interview was part of the sleeve notes of the Buddy Holly with The Three Tunes CD “Ohh! Annie: The 1956 Sessions” issued on the Rollercoaster label) CD: I wonder if I could ask you one or two questions, going



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